Photo of the month - August 2021

On 15.08.2021 we were part of a special project: 

an original Venetian gondola, which was transported by us, was travelling on the Pragser Wildsee! 

It was an honour for us to be there :)

Photo of the month - July 2021

Our parking lot got some fresh coat of colour! :)

Photo of the month - Juni 2021

Enjoying a sunny break with friends is the best :)

Photo of the month - May 2021

After some years, we now got some new DAF trucks :)

Photo of the month - April 2021


Photo of the month - March 2021

Waiting for warmer weather...

Photo of the month - February 2021

FIS Alpine Skiing World Championships Cortina 2021 - we were a part of it!

Photo of the month - January 2021

New year, new truck :)

Photo of the month - December 2020

"Snow is falling, all around me, children playing, having fun. It's the season, for love and understanding. Merry Christmas everyone!"

Photo of the month - November 2020

Our new T-Shirts have finally arrived! The design on them was created by ourselves and we are extremely happy with the final result :)

Photo of the month - October 2020

Autumn is coming to an end soon, but the sunsets are still breathtaking :)

Photo of the month - September 2020

Our new baseball hats finally arrived!

We designed them all by ourselves and everyone really loves them! :)

Photo of the month - August 2020

Photo of the month - July 2020

New VOLVO - July 2020

Our new truck has finally arrived!


New IVECO - April 2020

Our first brand-new IVECO S-WAY has finally arrived!


Coronavirus - March 2020

The month of March 2020 marks a huge turning point for the world. With the outbreak of the Coronavirus in Europe, we all were under lockdown. Our drivers had to witness drastic changes, as safety precautions became more and more strict. During these hard times, we wanted to spread a positive message to the people in our country. In only a few days, we created this amazing design and we’re extremely proud of it!


Night sledging in Tesido - February 2020

Before the outbreak of the Coronavirus in our region, we went to Taistner Alm for some night-sledging. Unfortunately, not everyone could make it but parts of our team enjoyed some delicious food alongside great conversations with colleagues and friends.


Hike to Corno Bianco – August 2019

Great weather, stunning views, delicious food and most importantly: AMAZING PEOPLE!


We are proud of our trucks - here's a few pictures of them!

60th anniversary – a reason to celebrate!

1958 is the year it all began. We started out small, with just one truck, but time passed and the company grew. A lot has changed, but our mindset is still the same. We focus on quality of transports instead of quantity and we are very family-orientated. For this anniversary we wanted to design a truck, which not only represents 60 years of Rizzo Trans SRL/GmbH, but we also wanted to pay tribute to our founder Rizzo Gelindo and his son, Gianfranco. A big “Thank you” goes out to all of our employees, clients, suppliers and supporters, who in the recent years have given us their trust.


We always want to improve!

Like in the last couple of years, some of our drivers attended a course, which was organised in collaboration with Volvo. They were taught how to drive the new Volvo truck types economically, while still being enviroment-friendly.

New Megatrailer

As of now, we're in posession of a new vehicle. It's a Megatrailer, with a height of 3 metres. With this trailer we can transport even more, as it's capacity is about 102 m3.

Cortina-Dobbiaco Run 2017

On 4th June 2017, we were once again part of the Cortina-Dobbiaco Run. Our company did the transport of clothes.

A dream comes true!

In December 2016, Fortunato Rizzo was invited to a VOLVO event. It was Sweden-themed, as it was called "Saint Lucia event". A very important guest, crownprincess Victoria of Sweden, was present. The next day, Fortunato had the chance to speak to Victoria, which was a great honor for him, as he loves Sweden. At the Italian VOLVO headquarters in Zingonia, the crownprincess got on the new Volvo Performance. That truck was sold to Rizzo Trans in January of 2017. That's why this truck's nickname is "the princess".

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

A tradition that continues!

Rizzo Trans and Vettori Autotrasporti have decided to work together. To show this cooperation, we bought two truck with both of our logos on it. Rizzo Gelindo and Vettori Erminio both loved trucks and were owners of a Transport company, they always respected each other. That respect has turned into friendship one generation later. 

Worldskills Italy 2016 - Transportation

We will be there!


From 29th September 2016 to 01st October 2016 the Worldskills Italy will take place in Bolzano.


Best of luck to our drivers Cemin Thomas and Plankensteiner Stefan.





1st row (left to right): Cemin Thomas, De Bastiani Emil, Gadner Hannes

2nd row (left to right): Putzer Katja, Thurner Jonas, Steiner Manuel, Plankensteiner Stefan

"Think green"

Rizzo Trans Srl modernized the vehicle fleet with three new EURO6 trucks. These trucks  are the most environmental friendly ones you can buy at the moment.

"The Drivers Fuel Challenge"

The Drivers' Fuel Challenge 2015 is a competition by Volvo Trucks Italy, in which all drivers of the new Volvo FH compete against each other. The winner is the one with the most ecological and economic drive.

Each driver gets a weekly mark (0-100) with regard to their driving style.

Our drivers Stefan Puppatti and Patrick Toffoli were able to get an excellent result.

Cortina - Dobbiaco Run 2015

Our company was responsable for the transportation of the equipment.


Eco - Drive

Some of our staff participated in Volvo Trucks Driver Development course on the 11/04/2015.

They learned how to drive ecologically and economically.

Trucks with EURO6 technology

The Rizzo Trans Srl modernized the vehicle fleet in 2014 and 2015.


Here some pictures of the trucks.

A second canvas was painted in September

The workers!

Paint on canvas 20.08.2013

The summer nursery from Toblach visited the company Rizzo Trans GmbH on 20.08.2013. A canvas was designed creatively.

Here are some pictures:

Cortina - Dobbiaco run 2013

We were a part of the Cortina - Dobbiaco Run 2013 and helped out with our trucks and trailers.

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