Rizzo Trans Autopark

Our Trucks

The Rizzo Trans company S.r.l. offers a complete and efficient service thanks to the great availability of different kinds of vehicle such as:


Hoop - vehicles

Body - vehicles

Trailer - truck

Tractor - truck

Tank - truck

A Megatrailer


All the different kinds of trucks have a tarpaulin to protect the goods from getting damp.


With our diversified vehicle fleet we are also able to deliver urgent and short notice orders.  

Own Warehouse Building

Rizzo Trans Building

Our company owns a 400m² roofed warehouse and an open air deposit with about 1000m² of space. The combination of this warehouse and the possession of fork-lifts, which are able to lift up to a capacity of 6000 kg, allows us to store goods up to 6000kg (except ADR-items).





We even have collaborations with other transport companies. Since a long time we relay to them transports the all year round. One of them for instance is:


- De Zolt Roberto - I 32040 San Pietro di Cadore (BL)