The Story

Rizzo founder Family

Rizzo Gelindo was taught by his brother in his early years how to drive a truck, ultimately leading him to founding the Rizzo Gelindo Autotrasporti in 1958.  During the company's formative years, despite only owning one truck (type ESATAU), he drove and delivered all over Italy.


In 1978 Eugenio, Gelindo’s oldest son, who was also devoted to trucks, started his career in the company. In the following years the other two sons, Fortunato and Gianfranco, followed their older brother Eugenio. Time after time, the company grew in small but considerable steps.


Firstly, in 1987 the Rizzo Trans KG was founded as a transport agency, then it became a transport company.


In 1991 the management had to be restructured, because of a drastic change: the death of Gianfranco.


 Following this event, the company Rizzo Gelindo was replaced by the Rizzo Trans OHG and was complemented by new founded small partner companies. That was the company's starting point to go international.


In 1996 the company turned into a "limited company", the number of trucks grew significantly and was therefore able to offer more and better customer service in various different European countries.


In 1998 the branch in Maishofen (Austria) was founded.


 The 1st March 2007 was and still is an important date for the company. The founder of the company, Rizzo Gelindo, died, which was a huge change for every person involved. 


Rizzo Family

Since then the company has constantly grown and became a well reconized transportation provider, with more than 20 drivers and a bunch of different trucks. The firm specialized particularly into the provision of small or short term delivers. For further detail, have a look at the following pages, showing our company in more detail.